Paying for son's college weighs on serious Seattle-area savers

Jennifer Ferdinand and Todd Parker have steady jobs, pensions and retirement accounts. They keep their spending in check and expect to pay off their home mortgage after 15 years.

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Go inside secret lair where Ford developed the GT super car

In the basement of Ford's Product Development Center here, in a room formally used to store foam, the Ford GT super car grew from sketches to clay models to prototypes now being tested on the track in preparation for sale in the second half of 2016.

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Lights! Camera! Action! Staging homes fattens sale prices

Priced at just under $4 million, the English manor-style house with its exemplary country gardens on a wooded half-acre will undoubtedly sell itself in the runaway real estate market here in the Bay Area.

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Ferguson business districts slowly mend after riots

More than five months after the last big eruption of destruction, the business districts of Ferguson and nearby Dellwood are healing, albeit slowly.

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Are independent booksellers replacing big-box retailers?

At the time Dan Iddings opened the doors of Classic Lines Bookstore in Pittsburgh's Squirrel Hill neighborhood last year, his greatest fear was that the technologies that ate up some of his largest competitors would swallow his business whole.

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Rabbi takes a leap of faith to become entrepreneur

Talk about zigzag career moves.

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'Fair trade' coffee pioneer continues to expand on sustainable, transparent practices

When Counter Culture Coffee co-founder Brett Smith was in business school, he would laugh when entrepreneurs talked about vision statements.

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LinkedIn's Itamar Orgad, on helping students land a job

Fresh out of college in 2002, Itamar Orgad felt uncertain about what career path to follow.

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Where the future happened: Updating GM's Design Dome

Many of the most famous and iconic cars and trucks every built rolled through the Design Dome at General Motors' Tech Center in Warren. After nearly 60 years' service, the futuristic, silver-domed building just got its first renovation, adding new technologies to display generations of vehicles to come.

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Real estate trend sees bigger homes built on smaller lots

Despite the lingering downturn and the "tiny house" craze, mostly upscale suburban buyers continue to favor larger new houses on ever-shrinking building lots.

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Texas 10-year-old turns Lemonade Day into a drink sold at Whole Foods

For a young entrepreneur still learning about finance, Mikaila Ulmer has done pretty well for herself and her company.

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Many riot-damaged stores in Baltimore considered vital to their communities

The day after rioting damaged scores of Baltimore businesses, Dwayne Weaver found his small pharmacy in shambles, the doors smashed and the glass shattered. Looters had emptied bins of prescriptions drugs, stolen the fax machine along with soda and chips, upended boxes and files, and left trash everywhere.

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States try more tax breaks for seniors

About a half dozen states are considering giving new tax breaks to seniors over 65, although they already enjoy favorable treatment by the federal government and by most states on their income and property taxes.

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Small-business owners explain how they shop local

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges attended Shop Local Raleigh’s annual meeting. She asked small-business owners how they incorporate the shop-local philosophy into their business. This is what they said.

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Ask the Experts: Treat and hire employees and family the same

It’s a dilemma many business owners face at one time or another. Should you hire your own family members to work at your retail business? Ann Close, managing member and senior human resources coach at Close HR Connections in Raleigh, says the biggest benefit to hiring family members is that they are most likely loyal, and hopefully honest and ethical.

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Backstory: Salons by JC outfitted for other owners

Eugene and Jackie Cox opened Salons by JC in Cary in December after securing four adjacent stores for their project. They knocked down the walls to create a larger space big enough to accommodate the 48 suites in the 9,000-square-foot space.

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Raleigh’s 18 Seaboard invests in quieter future

Jason Smith, owner of 18 Seaboard in Raleigh, sought out Mid-Atlantic Specialties to address the No. 1 complaint at 18 Seaboard – noise levels. Smith is one of many owners across the Triangle who sought out solutions to noise levels in their dining areas, offices and lobbies.

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Retail: Paris Nail Bar to open in West Raleigh

Khoa Nguyen has created what he hopes is not your typical nail salon. On Saturday, he's opening Paris Nail Bar, a place that will offer manis, pedis, waxing and wine.

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Ask the Experts: Be smart about deciding when to close due to weather

There’s nothing like a forecast of snow and ice to get the attention of small-business owners. Wintry weather has the potential to force closures and abbreviated hours that can impact the bottom line.

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Column: Access to capital, policies limit minority small businesses

Farad Ali, a former Durham city councilman and president and chief operating officer of the NC Institute of Minority Economic Development said African-American small business owners struggle to thrive in policies that support them staying small and disparities in access to capital.

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