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Push for 'firm 40' workweek faces challenges across the United States

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many American workers don't really leave work. Emails, phone texts, pager alerts and phone calls pepper what once was personal time.

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Longer waits at the checkout counter? Blame credit cards with chip technology

LOS ANGELES - It's a few days before Thanksgiving, and so many shoppers have queued up that their carts are backed into the aisles at a Los Angeles-area Trader Joe's.

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Need an EV battery fill-up? At many charging stations, get in line

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Joe Siudzinski travels around town just fine in his six electric vehicles. He can get by with a 15-minute charge on a round trip from his home to the San Francisco airport, or a breakfast break and a longer top-off on a drive to Monterey, about 50 miles south.

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Developer Michael Marini has big ideas for small lots

LOS ANGELES - The gig: Michael Marini, 49, is chief executive of Planet Home Living, one of the leading developers of small-lot subdivisions - clusters of townhome-like single-family houses that are only inches apart from each other. The sleek, modern developments have proved extremely popular among Los Angeles homebuyers in recent years, particularly in high-demand neighborhoods, where there's little for-sale housing being built. Lists of those interested in the LA-area firm's projects are in the hundreds, Marini said. And he's currently under construction or about to start work on nine developments, eight of which are small lots. "Never been busier," he said.

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As volume expands, ways of receiving parcels evolving for consumers

PITTSBURGH - Allegheny City Market, tucked inconspicuously into Pittsburgh's Mexican War Streets neighborhood, has built a customer base with its tidy convenience store and deli featuring locally themed sandwiches like the Randyland Reuben, named for artist Randy Gilson's colorful residence a block away.

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Economic development chief is the force driving Rochester, Minn.'s $6B rebirth

A pair of tennis shoes tucked into her bag, a water bottle at the ready, Lisa Clarke steps into a meeting in a busy morning full of them and drops a well-worn line.

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Saladworks CEO working to freshen up stale brand

PHILADELPHIA - These days, chief executive Paul Steck, 53, is a happy guy, developing a new tahini salad dressing and bubbling over the future of Saladworks LLC, the franchise restaurant company that began in the Philadelphia area in 1986.

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Apple CarPlay: Can it get you to the taqueria?

Take me to the nearest taqueria.

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Ford's ambitious global seat for use in all vehicles

DETROIT - Ford thinks it has a front seat to being the best in the world.

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Miller time: A mega beer deal shuffles ownership of top Bud Light rival

ST. LOUIS - Forty years ago, one of the nation's top brewers introduced a beer that would dramatically change the beer business - and wake up the folks on Pestalozzi Street in St. Louis.

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Under Armour has stories to tell about its celebrity athletes

BALTIMORE - The bold black lettering stretches 4 feet high on a wall of Under Armour's design studio: "No Art for Art's Sake."

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A surge in short-term rentals means no R&R for some Anaheim residents

Ten years after moving into a quiet Anaheim neighborhood to raise his five boys, Fred Cornejo is thinking about leaving.

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Sustainable farming means full-time commitment to learning, and teaching, for Illinois couple

It was a bitter cold morning, with a light dusting of snow on the windswept pasture, when a little boy tried to save a pig named Taco.

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UPS and FedEx try every tech trick to speed up deliveries

PITTSBURGH - Around 8 a.m. at a cavernous warehouse outside Pittsburgh recently, about four dozen delivery drivers for United Parcel Service got their first look at the scheduled drop-offs for the day.

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