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New fiduciary rules have financial advisors training, retiring

PITTSBURGH - As head of the largest independently owned financial advising firm in the Pittsburgh region, managing billions of dollars in clients' money, Kimberly Fleming is feeling the weight of responsibility to get her staff trained on procedures to meet sweeping rules the federal government plans to impose in April.

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Trabissimo! Soviet-era car has special meaning to SoCal man

It's been said that beauty is skin deep, but ugly is to the bone. The late and clearly not lamented communist-era East German Trabant was not only ugly but plug-ugly.

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Boeing's difficult journey from racism to diversity

SEATTLE - "I will not recommend for membership in this union any other than members of the white race."

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Downtown Los Angeles hasn't had this much construction since the 1920s

LOS ANGELES - On the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Figueroa Street in downtown Los Angeles, workers are putting the finishing touches on the Wilshire Grand, the West Coast's tallest building. Owned by Korean Air, it rises 1,100 feet and will have a hotel, offices and observation deck when finished.

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New entrepreneur center could spark growth in Dallas' Fair Park neighborhood

In his southern Dallas neighborhood, George Battle III can hear the subtle hum of business, despite the vacant lots and shuttered shops. He knows a woman who makes flower arrangements in her home, caterers who cook in church kitchens, and a man who does carpentry and plumbing work.

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Designing a chatbot: male, female or gender neutral?

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Picture a virtual assistant that helps find directions, schedules appointments or plays music, and the soothing yet robotic sound of a female voice likely comes to mind.

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Many Americans are optimistic about their finances after election

After spending much of last year worrying about the outcome of the presidential race, a recent survey by one of the nation's largest life insurance companies found Americans have made New Year's resolutions that reflect a hope that a brighter financial future is on the horizon.

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No unauthorized immigrants? Manufacturing, hospitality workforces would struggle

CHICAGO - Abigail Alvarado has spent most of her 5 1/2 years in the U.S. on assembly lines preparing the frozen pizzas and packaged sandwiches shoppers find in their grocery stores.

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Could good, affordable housing solve farmworker shortage?

Like many farms facing labor shortages in the West, the Tanimura & Antle vegetable farm in California's Salinas Valley was in a bind for the 2015 harvest season. It was more than 225 workers shy of the number needed to gather crops, and it had to plow under about $500,000 worth of produce.

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This company will help with a down payment, but it wants a stake in your new home

When Ricardo and Catherine Soto were looking to buy a home in Chula Vista, they knew that even after selling their old house they would be able to afford a down payment of only about 10 percent.

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Natural baking-mix company's not-so-simple success

CHICAGO - After suffering from joint pain, Katlin Smith, now 28, took a hard look at her eating habits and opted for more whole, natural foods. She soon discovered a lack of options for prepared food - especially baked goods - without chemicals or additives.

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Competing with Silicon Valley for engineers, aerospace firms start recruitment in pre-kindergarten

LOS ANGELES - USC mechanical engineering junior Stephanie Balais developed a passion for aerospace after joining the university's AeroDesign team and helping to construct an airplane fuselage hours before transporting the plane to a competition in Kansas.

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Human connections give job seekers a leg up beyond LinkedIn and other electronic contacts

MINNEAPOLIS - Human connections still rule, even in the digital-saturated era of online job searches, the networking website LinkedIn, and checking out job candidates on Facebook.

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