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Q-and-A with EarlyShares CEO on the future of crowdfunding

Joanna Schwartz is in typical startup mode, her days (and many nights) filled with calls and meetings with investors and entrepreneurs and strategy sessions with her team of 12 as they prepare fundraising campaigns for growth companies and real estate ventures. She is the CEO of EarlyShares, a portal for equity "crowdfunding" with more than a dozen active campaigns in progress and more in the pipeline.

Updated: Jul. 24, 2014 8:11 AM | Full Story

Getting physical with virtual reality

When Facebook acquired virtual reality headset developer Oculus VR for $2 billion in March, many in the tech industry lauded the move as heralding the next generation in computer gaming.

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Florida in a battle for space-launch business

In the war between the states for the emerging commercial-rocket-launch industry, Florida is working to regain momentum after a key rival - Texas - has all but secured victory in a major battle.

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Ecuador is betting $1 billion that a dream city can make it a high-tech leader

It's the year 2043 and this burgeoning city of 100,000 is a high-tech mecca. Using rare plants from the Amazon, university researchers have cured many diseases; factories churn out nano-sponges that soak up oil spills around the world; local software designers are the envy of Palo Alto. Ecuador - once known for its crude and bananas - is now the Silicon Valley of the tropics, the Singapore of the Andes.

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