When paying cash for a prescription is cheaper than using insurance

PITTSBURGH - Charles Conn stopped in to see his pharmacist to fill a prescription for a cough that had persisted for a month. Once he saw how much the medication cost, he could have used a side order of blood pressure pills.

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Saving soles: Shields protect women's investment in pricey footwear

MILWAUKEE - Kathryn Jackson operates her business from the most modest of headquarters - a windowless office in a nearly 90-year-old industrial building that has attracted an eclectic mix of small firms, artists and musicians seeking inexpensive space.

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Livin' on the dock of the bay

John Dinwiddie and Diane Brown own a house with twin engines.

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Ground-breaking design shakes up motorcycle helmet industry

Bob Weber had a small but simple plan. He wanted to design a safer helmet for dirt bike riders.

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Banjo's ability to track events in real time gives clients competitive edge

A dozen massive television screens hang inside Banjo's war room in a nondescript office park here beaming streams of social media data, 24-hour news networks and an animated, spinning globe highlighting hot spots of activity around the world.

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Biking as a corporate team-building exercise

PHILADELPHIA - How are your tires?"

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Dementia puts seniors at risk of financial abuse

DALLAS - Barbara Macari's husband, Frank, always handled the investments in the family. Then one day, Frank, a real estate broker, gave his wife the shock of her life.

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Why Mexico is winning the auto jobs war

DETROIT - Mexico is the auto industry darling, Canada is struggling to retain a manufacturing footprint, and the U.S. is a house divided with most of the new automotive investment and jobs headed south of the Mason-Dixon line.

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A new take on strip club experience in Atlantic City

Coby Frier, 48, saw the writing on the candy pink stucco wall of his AC Dolls club on Pacific Avenue, a central street in this resort town.

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Ken DeLeon: Silicon Valley's real estate rock star

Ken DeLeon parks his Rolls-Royce outside the Georgian-style mini-mansion that he anticipates selling for a whole lot more than its $5.49 million asking price. It's his latest listing. Inside, a tour for fellow real estate agents is in progress.

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Snapchat turning geofilter digital stickers into revenue source

LOS ANGELES - Much of social media involves showing off where we are, whether it's watching a ballgame at Dodger Stadium, meeting Mickey Mouse at Disneyland or eating a pastrami sandwich at the deli.

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Engineers look to insects for robotic inspiration

At a University of California, Berkeley laboratory, engineers are building cockroach-like robots with a noble purpose - search and rescue.

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Holacracy: An alternative workplace structure where no one's 'the boss'

PHILADELPHIA - The CEO relinquishes power, changes compensation to a "badge" system of rewards for skills and has "governance" sessions in place of daily meetings.

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Korean-American merchants face hurdles in rebuilding after Baltimore riot

BALTIMORE - The charred remains of Grace Lyo's store in Baltimore's Sandtown neighborhood attract plenty of attention these days. Neighbors stop to offer hugs and sympathy. Someone driving by asks if it happened during the riots - it did - and says he's sorry.

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Small-business owners explain how they shop local

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges attended Shop Local Raleigh’s annual meeting. She asked small-business owners how they incorporate the shop-local philosophy into their business. This is what they said.

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Ask the Experts: Treat and hire employees and family the same

It’s a dilemma many business owners face at one time or another. Should you hire your own family members to work at your retail business? Ann Close, managing member and senior human resources coach at Close HR Connections in Raleigh, says the biggest benefit to hiring family members is that they are most likely loyal, and hopefully honest and ethical.

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Backstory: Salons by JC outfitted for other owners

Eugene and Jackie Cox opened Salons by JC in Cary in December after securing four adjacent stores for their project. They knocked down the walls to create a larger space big enough to accommodate the 48 suites in the 9,000-square-foot space.

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Raleigh’s 18 Seaboard invests in quieter future

Jason Smith, owner of 18 Seaboard in Raleigh, sought out Mid-Atlantic Specialties to address the No. 1 complaint at 18 Seaboard – noise levels. Smith is one of many owners across the Triangle who sought out solutions to noise levels in their dining areas, offices and lobbies.

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Retail: Paris Nail Bar to open in West Raleigh

Khoa Nguyen has created what he hopes is not your typical nail salon. On Saturday, he's opening Paris Nail Bar, a place that will offer manis, pedis, waxing and wine.

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Ask the Experts: Be smart about deciding when to close due to weather

There’s nothing like a forecast of snow and ice to get the attention of small-business owners. Wintry weather has the potential to force closures and abbreviated hours that can impact the bottom line.

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