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Elena Grewal leads Airbnb's data scientists

SAN FRANCISCO - The gig: Technology companies collect data about the pages people look at, the links they click on, and the things they search for. At Airbnb Inc., it's Elena Grewal's job to figure out what all that data means. Grewal, 31, is the interim lead for data science at the $25.5 billion San Francisco startup.

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Have a big presentation? Learn to ice the cake

PITTSBURGH - Doug Carter likens public speaking to cake. All of your knowledge and experience help create the message you're giving, or the cake's inner layers. Your ability to deliver that message is the icing.

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When the kids grow up but don't actually leave home

PITTSBURGH - The last thing Caitlin Hipp would have expected as she prepares to turn 28 years old next month was to be living at home with her parents.

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Dog owners, engineers work on technology to make pets safe in cars

DETROIT - A global auto supplier and a small nonprofit organization have joined forces to make cars safer for man's - and in this case, a woman's - best friend.

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Genetic pesticide: Monsanto, startups seek alternatives to manage bugs and weeds

ST. LOUIS - If not treated, the invasive varroa mite will almost certainly show up in a honeybee hive, latching on to the pollinators, feeding off their internal fluids and threatening to weaken the colony to the point of collapse.

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The future's so bright, he made his own shades

SAN DIEGO - San Diego-based Knockaround sells affordable and stylish sunglasses worn by movie stars like Natalie Portman and Matthew McConaughey.

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Airbnb exec dishes about the early days at the home-sharing company

When Joe Zadeh landed a job at Airbnb as a software engineer in 2010, he was the company's ninth employee and the "office" was a three-bedroom apartment in San Francisco's SoMa neighborhood.

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Google, Facebook and Apple draw hordes of tech tourists

SAN FRANCISCO - Move over, Alcatraz; clear some way, cable cars; and back off, Mickey: Silicon Valley is giving San Francisco and other Golden State attractions a run for their money when it comes to drawing hordes of tourists.

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Advertising exec looks to remake retail agency

MINNEAPOLIS - Lynne Robertson is famous. At a time when many advertising agencies have consolidated, she bucked the trend when she purchased the Minneapolis retail agency Fame, which she had been leading, from its owner, the Omnicom Group holding company. A year later, Robertson said she has no regrets as she remakes the firm. She expanded its client base and recently relocated to a new office. The 20-person agency added 11 clients this past year, including retailers, restaurants and health care businesses. "I'm really delighted that we have been able to continue to attract good business and that we continued to build our talent pool," she said. "I didn't think we wouldn't, but you never know. You step off that precipice, and it's a leap of faith."

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New federal loans for students, parents have lower interest rates

PITTSBURGH - Although the cost of attending college continues to go up, new federal loans for undergraduates, graduate students and parents have fallen.

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Minnesota's craft beer boom spawns a hops industry

MINNEAPOLIS - Minnesota's booming craft beer industry has created a huge demand for hops, an ingredient that provides the suds with bitter, citric, and zesty flavors and aromas.

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'El Mercadito' in LA no longer feels the love, looks to evolve

LOS ANGELES - Pedro Rosado arrived in Los Angeles from Yucatan, Mexico, in 1968, the same year a three-story shopping center known as El Mercado de Los Angeles opened in Boyle Heights.

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