For new restaurateurs, risk of failure is high

LOS ANGELES - Ari Taymor's 3-year-old restaurant Alma basks in the kind of acclaim most young chefs can barely begin to fathom.

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Fat Boy a Harley bestseller and Hollywood favorite for 25 years

MILWAUKEE - As the name makes perfectly clear, there's nothing skinny about the Fat Boy. Mention it to anyone familiar with motorcycles, and they'll immediately think of the Harley-Davidson bike that gained fame in the 1991 Arnold Schwarzenegger movie "Terminator 2: Judgment Day."

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Online reviews are growing way to connect businesses, customers

ORLANDO, Fla. - Julie Kean didn't particularly enjoy her recent visit to PDQ restaurant. So she did what an increasing number of people do: left a less-than-stellar review on the popular online business-review site Yelp.

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Super basements proliferate in Silicon Valley

When architect Roger Kohler began designing them years ago, basements weren't luxury statements.

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Geeks on demand: Bringing tech support to your front door

OAKLAND, Calif. - The broken printer frayed Ross Armstrong's last nerve.

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Facing regulatory roadblocks, Uber ramps up lobbying in its home state

LOS ANGELES - Uber now spends more on lobbyists in California than Wal-Mart, Bank of America or Wells Fargo.

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Should workers get overtime for answering emails after hours?

CHICAGO - Jeffrey Allen would answer his work BlackBerry during Thanksgiving dinner, during his son's soccer match, on any number of Saturday afternoons.

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Serial entrepreneur rebounds from misstep, takes aim at mobile photography market

SEATTLE - After he was fired from the company he started, Marc Barros found therapy in writing.

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Spending, medical condition threaten family's financial future

SEATTLE - The Greenway family is living the American dream, with a spacious home, a large family and a good income.

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What kind of car is the most green, fuel efficient and budget friendly?

LOS ANGELES - A decade ago, drivers who wanted to go green had little choice beyond Toyota's Prius hybrid.

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Former state worker reinvents himself, his city with handmade shoes

Benjamin Schwartz has long been into a style, a 30-year-old man rooted in the classics. He likes cardigan sweaters, wooden tennis rackets, old-school cocktails, Miles Davis. He competes in a bocce ball league, on a team called Joanie Loves Bocce.

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To market luxury homes, real estate agents jump through luxury hoops

LOS ANGELES - Rayni and Branden Williams spent months lining up a director, cast and crew for their "lifestyle film."

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Realtor Andrew Greenwell, Mr. 'Million Dollar Listing'

SAN JOSE, Calif. - Andrew Greenwell began selling real estate at age 19 and lays claim to about $4 billion in residential sales in the years since. Now 31, he has been cast as a kind of brash hero of our cash-obsessed era on "Million Dollar Listing San Francisco," Bravo's new reality show that recently premiered.

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Meal etiquette matters in business

PITTSBURGH - Never pass the bread to the left. Never reach over the guy next to you to get the butter. And, when you're at a business dinner, don't announce loudly that you need to go to the bathroom. People don't want to know the details.

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Small-business owners explain how they shop local

Shop Talk reporter Virginia Bridges attended Shop Local Raleigh’s annual meeting. She asked small-business owners how they incorporate the shop-local philosophy into their business. This is what they said.

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Ask the Experts: Treat and hire employees and family the same

It’s a dilemma many business owners face at one time or another. Should you hire your own family members to work at your retail business? Ann Close, managing member and senior human resources coach at Close HR Connections in Raleigh, says the biggest benefit to hiring family members is that they are most likely loyal, and hopefully honest and ethical.

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Backstory: Salons by JC outfitted for other owners

Eugene and Jackie Cox opened Salons by JC in Cary in December after securing four adjacent stores for their project. They knocked down the walls to create a larger space big enough to accommodate the 48 suites in the 9,000-square-foot space.

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Raleigh’s 18 Seaboard invests in quieter future

Jason Smith, owner of 18 Seaboard in Raleigh, sought out Mid-Atlantic Specialties to address the No. 1 complaint at 18 Seaboard – noise levels. Smith is one of many owners across the Triangle who sought out solutions to noise levels in their dining areas, offices and lobbies.

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Retail: Paris Nail Bar to open in West Raleigh

Khoa Nguyen has created what he hopes is not your typical nail salon. On Saturday, he's opening Paris Nail Bar, a place that will offer manis, pedis, waxing and wine.

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Ask the Experts: Be smart about deciding when to close due to weather

There’s nothing like a forecast of snow and ice to get the attention of small-business owners. Wintry weather has the potential to force closures and abbreviated hours that can impact the bottom line.

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