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At auto showrooms, high-end is now in

For Austin, Texas, the August gathering was a fairly typical party scene: More than 700 guests coming together to celebrate the summer, enjoying food, drinks and music by a local band.

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Entrepreneur, activist Sina Khanifar on digital copyright reform

When the Librarian of Congress reversed course and banned the unlocking of cellphones two years ago, Sina Khanifar took it as almost a personal affront.

Updated: Sep. 17, 2014 8:18 AM | Full Story

Falling corn prices threaten Midwest ag economy

The prospect of a bin-busting crop has driven corn prices to their lowest levels in four years and raised fears of a prolonged slump for crop farmers in Minnesota and elsewhere.

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GenZe, an all-electric two-wheeler for city dwellers and the college crowd

Electric scooters are all the rage in China, but they have yet to take off in the United States.

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Bourbon boom driving Missouri barrel sales

Don McGinnis traces his finger along the top edge of a wooden barrel on the factory floor while a sea of workers around him cut planks of oak, position staves to form a circle, and char the insides of the liquid-tight containers.

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Debt blocks young woman's dream of becoming midwife

Binta Niang dreams of becoming a midwife and returning to her native Mali to help women. But her dream is blocked by a credit-killing debt for - of all things - an uninsured visit to an emergency room.

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